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Monday, January 24, 2011

Nina's baby shower

So this past weekend our family went to Denver for my youngest sister's baby shower. We had a quick trip, and drove through some snow, but it was worth it! I loved getting to see my sister Nina pregnant, and getting to see my brother Chris & his girlfriend, Jenn who also live in Denver. My Mom and Dad came up to Denver too.

The baby shower was at Nina's husband Nate's parents' house. Since Nate's family lives nearby, that was the easiest place for us to hold the shower. Nate's mom and sisters helped with the food, and my mom and I made the sweets- cake and cookies, planned the games, and bought prizes & favors. There were several gals there pregnant besides Nina, and one of Nina's friends had just had her baby one month ago (he was the only boy there!) So there was lots of talk about pregnancy, birth and babies!

It was really fun and I was so glad that I got to be there! Here are some photo highlights...
Enjoying the brunch in the Reeder's front room...

Jenn made this cute diaper cake!

My mom and daughter holding the new baby (Nina's friend's)
Opening gifts- my brother & girlfriend gave her a little black hoodie!

"Mommy little man" the onesie says... :-D

One of the books I gave her... "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer"...good one!

Nina opened the bouncy seat from my mom and I...

A cute dog print blanket from her sister-in-law...

Nina enjoying her sugar-free, low-carb
(pretty much!) cake...

Then after the shower, we had a little family time before we left... Here are a few pics of that...
We couldn't get Bethany to smile... a rare thing...
Bethany with Grandpa Mulder.

Me, my sister and my mom...

Nina and her husband Nate... soon to be three!

I can hardly believe that my sister is going to be a mom soon! We are looking forward to meeting our new nephew in early March!


  1. I know alot of meothers-to-be receive coppies of the "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer," but what fun to see one actually getting it.

    I hope it served the new mom well!
    Melinda Blau
    co-author, the Baby Whispering books

  2. Melinda- I loved your book and so did my sister-in-law. I had to give it to my sister for her first baby. It was such a big help to me with my newborns. Thank you for your help in co-authoring it!


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