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Monday, February 7, 2011

HOW TO MAKE: Napkin Rings

This week I took the napkin rings that I had made a few years ago (on the right in the picture below) that were all stretched out, and re-strung them. The one 2nd from the right is nearly finished. The 3rd from right is a finished napkin ring, and the one on the left is a bracelet. I used the bracelet to show you  the smaller size of the napkin ring. 

How to make your own napkin rings:

On our napkin rings, I took out the letters of each person's name in letter beads, strung them so they are the right way up and in correct order. Then I added extra beads to complete the rings. My kids like to pick out their beads- flowers, stars, designs, their favorite colors, etc., - to add to their napkin ring. 

We use cloth napkins in our home, and we always have. I like this because we are re-using them, they are not hard to wash weekly and we are teaching our kids to use manners-- "cloth napkin restaurant" type manners. We want them to be able to go to a fancy restaurant someday and be able to use a cloth napkin! (amongst other good manners) Occasionally we use paper napkins, usually just for parties. 

I like having our own napkin rings because then everyone can keep their own, especially if it's messy. My sister-in-law (and family) calls this the "nappy-kin". It teaches kids to use it when they need to clean their hands and face. AND if it has their own napkin ring on it, that child can use their napkin again and I won't get their semi-dirty napkin the next time we eat! (If it's really gross, it goes into the washer...)

Three completed napkin rings for my kiddos!

So give it a try for your home. It really is easy and saves money! No need to have fancy rings when kids are little...

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  1. I need to add to the ones Rebekah made us for Christmas ... and start using them again. Mainly because I don't wan't Lydia's napkin! :)


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