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Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 100

Last week I counted the school days we've had so far this year, and the 100th day of school was rapidly approaching! I originally planned not to do much for it this year, but the kids and Daddy requested that we do something... Even though we kept it low key, it was really fun to do something different. AND, it coincided with Groundhog Day! So we read this GREAT book about Groundhog Day, called "Groundhog Weather School" by Joan Holub. We got it from the library...
It was so cute! And had lots of great facts in it...

We also read the book my mom-in-law wrote, called "How Much, Woodchuck?" since another name for a Groundhog is a Woodchuck! (it said so in the book above, and we already knew that!) 
This book is a family favorite, of course! You can order it on here.

 Here are some other books we read: A Chair for my Mother by Vera B. Williams (they collect coins- maybe 100?), The Wolf's Chicken Stew by Keiko Kasza (I love this book! He gives them 100 scrumptious pancakes...)

 And From One to One Hundred by Teri Sloat... A great overall counting book with lots of illustrations!
 Here we are reading our five books! I am wearing my 100 button vest I made when Rebekah was in kindergarten, and Caleb is wearing the 100 fingerprints shirt we made a few years ago. You can read about last year's 100th day here.
 Here is Caleb making his 100 piece puzzle, a Spiderman puzzle, it was kinda hard!

 A good challenge, nearly completed- it was missing one piece! Guess we should have made it on day 99?...

We did not do 100 jumping jacks this year, like we did last year. but we did play 100-pin bowling on the Wii. We might be watching 101 Dalmatians on the evening of the 101st day of school! It is a fun reason to celebrate and have a different kind of school day...

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  1. My class celebrated 100th day too. Ours was a few weeks ago though, since we start earlier than you do. We DID do 100 jumping jacks (they fell over after!). We also made a snack that had 100 items in it - Goldfish and pretzels. We drew 100 stars, came up with words from the word "One Hundred," wrote down 100 words we know how to spell, wrote a class story with exactly 100 words and made a self-portrait using 100 beans and/or macaroni. It was loads of fun and the kids LOVED it! I love 100th day!


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