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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Organizing the office

On this Works for Me Wednesday, I am talking about organizing again... this time, the office!

So Joshua and I have read a few books on organizing, and one of Joshua's favorites was
 Getting Things Done (GTD) by David Allen. He talks about finding an organizational system (he doesn't endorse any one in particular) and finding one you can use and trust. He says that is one of the more important things- being able to trust the system enough so you will use it. He talks a lot about organizing tasks by using index cards. I've found that sometimes when I have a big task to organize, it is easier to write it all down. He talks about dividing the tasks onto individual cards and checking them off (or destroying them) when completed.

In this book, one of the many things the author talked about getting a labeler and labeling office files with it. Labeling them all the same way makes them easier to see and use. So at my next available chance (summer break), I labeled ALL of the office files using my handy-dandy labeler. It really did make them SO much easier to go through and see what one we need and grab it out. It does save time and energy in the end. You should try it- it works for me!

An organizer's favorite tool! Mine is a Dymo
Letra-tag labeler... costs about $20 and
worth every penny!

We have all the basic files: utilities (one for each), work pay stubs, charities (one for each), etc., We also have a file for each one of us and each one of our kids. In this file we put important papers (social security cards, report cards, birth certificates, immunization records, etc.,) This is very helpful, because I know where the paper is when I need it, I can just open the file and grab the info I need!

Another wonderful thing that we found around this time was It is a website where you can set up on online to-do list with due dates, reminders, star and rate the tasks, and even add things to the notebook pages. On my notebook pages, I have gift idea lists for my hubby and kids. So when a holiday comes around and I need a gift idea, I check my gift ideas list and use a bright idea I had a few months ago! You can access on your iPhone, iPod and mobile phone since it can be found in the app store. Go check it out here.

These systems works for me, and I hope you will check them out too!

Now if only I could find a way to get rid of some of these semi-permanent piles... there's more organizing to do!

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