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Thursday, February 17, 2011

True Confessions

Normally today I would do a post about my American Girl class, but I've been sick this week, so I had to cancel my class! :( I really missed it, but I think I am on the mend now, the extra rest has helped! Here is a preview for the craft we were going to do this week, but will do next week!
Her new Kaya dress!
Totally unrelated to that, here is my post for today... I'll be posting about my class again next week, I hope!

I've been thinking about some silly things in my life that I am really particular about and thought it would be a fun post-- like a get to know me/ true confessions/ all about my quirks post... and see how many of you have some of the same!

1. I do not like pineapple except on pizza. I had it once grilled and that was ok.

2. When I get the hiccups, I know then I will get three separate episodes in 24 hours. Happens every time...

3. I have to sleep with my closet doors closed every nap and at night. I've been that way since I was a kid. It started when I'd be scared of the white clothes (ghosts) in the closets. My hubby thinks it's weird. I always close my kids' closet doors too.

4. I do not like to be cold, and so I don't like to ski (and I'm not too coordinated either). I should go sledding more with my kids, but fortunately my hubby will... I'm working on that.

5. I don't watch a lot of tv. There is not much good on tv when you don't have cable... so I just hardly bother. I do watch the news occasionally, and "Extreme Home Makeover" on Sunday nights (aka MY show). My hubby and I like "Parenthood" on Tuesdays nights too.

6. If I stay up too late, I get the giggles and don't stop too easily.

7. I have a hard time falling asleep. It takes me at least 1/2 hour to fall asleep each night. I think I get this from my dad. My siblings are mostly the same way. My hubby thinks we're all high-strung. I wish I could fall asleep in 5 minutes like my mom or my hubby!

8. I don't like to eat mushrooms. If they are in something and I can't pick them out, I'll eat them. I've also eaten them to save face among family members. (That's a true confession!) I think they are a fungus! YUCK!

9. I have naturally curly hair and I am not ever truly happy with the length that it is... when it was long, I pulled it back a lot and didn't like taking time to style it. Now that it's shorter, I'm not sure I like it. Maybe I'd like it long one day and short the next...

10. I have an easy gag reflex. I gag easily at the dentist and when they check my throat at the doctor. I have been known to gag on pills and when I brush my teeth, but I did that most often when I was pregnant!

That's all for now, ten is enough! What are some of your true confessions? Let me know if you post about it on your blog!

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