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Thursday, March 31, 2011

American Girl class-Felicity week 4

We had another fun American Girl class this week talking about Felicity and her birthday!

In class this week, we had lots of fun making clothespin dolls. I found some directions online here and used them relatively closely. I gave the girls each two round-head clothespins, and three pieces of fabric- one for the girls' dress, and two for the boy's shirt & pants. They colored the faces, hair and shoes with Sharpie markers. We tied a 1/8" ribbon around the waist for a "belt". Before class, my husband helped me drill a 1/8" hole under the "neck" of the clothespin, so we could put a 3 1/2" piece of pipe cleaner in it for the arms. It worked great! Then the girls could turn up the ends for the dolls' hands. All of the little dolls turned out so cute!  You can find other directions for clothespin dolls here.

For snack, we had Colonial Apple Pie, I found the recipe online Here. The girls really liked it!
Girls eating the apple pie- it was their favorite snack so far!
And a beautiful Felicity doll!
One of the girls with her finished dolls...
Cutting, snipping and gluing...
All done- so cute!
A boy and a girl doll- they kept calling them
Ben & Felicity from our books! :-D

We also worked more on our cross-stitch bookmarks in our extra time. I didn't get any pictures of that, it was only for the last 15-20 minutes of the class. They are getting better at their stitching and I am loving seeing the girls work at it!

We only have two more weeks left in our class- it's going by so quickly! It's been so fun! Next week will be quill pens... I think!

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