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Monday, March 7, 2011

Bee Lapbook

We made this "All About Bees" lapbook from a free Unit Study that we got from Brandenburg Studies. (Another old one- made in 2008 by Rebekah.) I think I got it as a freebie from, found here. We used most of the printables in the unit study for the lapbook, such as the word search, bee characteristics, hive handout, worker bee handout, and the "Beego" game. It was a very fun lapbook to make, and we learned a lot. There is a similar free lapbook found at, found here.
Front cover
We just cut out a picture and glued the phrase from the Unit Study onto the front cover of the lapbook.
Inside left folder
We made a hexagon pattern on the folder like a bee hive. I made one for a pattern and Rebekah traced them and cut them out. We glued a picture of the hive under our design. Also included is a question, "Did you know that Utah is the "Bee hive State"? Inside the folder is a "Bee Smart" word search, Anatomy of a Honey bee, Bee Fact cards in a index card folded pocket, A Bee Stings info booklet that Rebekah copied & wrote; and under the hive on the bottom left is a pic of the hive, and it says, "One of the chief functions of the hive is the production of the honey comb."
Left folder opened...
On the inside of the left folder on the right flap is Types of Bees. We made matchbooks of the Worker Bee, the Queen Bee and the Drone Bee. Rebekah wrote info about each one inside the matchbook- their job and roles in the hive. Very interesting!
Inside the right folder
In the right folder we have a maze of "Dancing Bees", info on the Predator of the bee- the Varroa Mite, Words related to the Bee- such as busy, black, winged, yellow, honey-makers; Next to that is the Flower Anatomy, and a Circle spinner with the "Life Cycle of the Bee" under it. Also there are two sayings: "Honey is Nature's Sweetener", and "Royal Jelly is a honey bee secretion for feeding bee larvae." On the right flap is a recipe from the A to Z Children's cookbook from Gold Medal Flour, called "H is for..." "Honey Bee Cookies", and a picture of Rebekah making them.

On the outside of the right flap are more bee pictures or pollination and a flower with petals. On the petals attached by a brad, Rebekah wrote about the process of Pollination. There is also a saying that Rebekah wrote, "Bees are the most important pollinators in nature."

On the back is a construction paper pocket with two "Beego" cards, and the rules written by Rebekah on a index card, and glued to the back. She also wrote, "As Busy as a Bee" on the back of the folder. 

This was one of the first lapbooks we made on our own- with no pattern from a company. It was fun and we've been using this lapbook recently while discussing some of our Five In A Row books- Ferdinand and They Were Strong and Good. It is a very informational lapbook!

Let me know if you try making a lapbook similar to this, or use the one from Brandenburg Studies. We have looked at this lapbook over and over for great information on bees!

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  1. This would have been helpful before Norah's class last year when she studied bees! :)

    Pretty new blue background ... I like it!


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