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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Preschool lapbooks

My preschooler is busy, busy, BUSY! Aren't they all?!  She wants something to do during our homeschool time for HER! She will only play with blocks or legos for so long. She wants to be at the school table with us, doing something... I have given her activity pages, she is learning to write her name and other things too, but she wanted MORE! So I looked online and found some FREE lapbooks just for preschoolers, and my Mallory LOVES them!

Here is where they can be found. Most of the lapbooks go along with a curriculum for preschoolers called "Before Five in A Row". We do not have the BFIAR books, but I do have some Five In A Row curriculum books, so I kinda know how they work. We just print a lapbook that we like, and is made for a book we have/ own, since most of the lapbooks coordinate with a book. We usually read the story book and then do some prep work for the lapbooks.

I don't know why this pic got cut off... Mallory holding her
Corduroy Lapbook.
Mal looks at her Corduroy lapbook after we finished gluing it...
"Reading" the rhyme about Corduroy...
Four of the preschool lapbooks we've done this Spring....
Corduroy, Katy No Pocket, 1,2,3 to the Zoo, and Owl Babies.
Four more of our Spring 2011 lapbooks,,,
If you Give a Mouse a Cookie, ...The Big Hungry Bear,
We're Going on a Bear Hunt,
and The Napping House.
Mallory works on our latest lapbook...
Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb!
I do most of the major cutting, but Mallory does help with some of the easier cutting. She does all of the coloring, and is learning to color with more detail and precision. Some of the lapbooks have letter tracing, which has been great practice for her. She is learning to use and fine-tune her small motor skills while having fun and learning about animals at the same time! She enjoys reading, so these lapbooks are great to reinforce that and do fun activities related to different books. The activities reinforce pre-reading too, so she is beginning the process of learning to read by doing some of the repetitive rhyme activities.  The only problem is that she wants to make one every day! I try to spread them out so that we do one or two each week! It is great fun for her and she is SO proud to show of her work to her Daddy later in the day. She also likes to look at them over and over again, so it can be a good time-filler when needed!

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  1. hmmm .... I might have to pick one of these of Ashley. She'd love it! :)


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