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Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break highlights

Here are some of the photographic chronicles from our recent Spring Break trip to Denver. We had a great time seeing a bunch of sights and visiting family too. Our photographer for the week was mainly Rebekah, and she did a great job! We did get over 300 pictures for 5 days though... wow! I did go through and pick ones that I thought you all would enjoy- not all the animals, fish and displays of rocks!

On Monday, we visited the Museum of Science and Nature...
This one just makes me laugh...

Mallory sprouted horns!

We visited my sister, bro-in-law and met our new nephew/ cousin Jakob!

Sweet boy! Even though his mom was sleep deprived that day...

On Tuesday, we went to the Children's Museum...
Bethany and Mallory tried on some fire costumes...

Daddy helped Mallory make a princess crown.

Bethany did some "shopping" at the pretend Whole Foods there!
And also the Aquarium...
Caleb posed...

Sea urchin and sea cucumber...

Seeing the tiger feeding and swimming there was so cool!

The "Nemo" clown fish tank!
Then on Wednesday, we went to the Denver Zoo. (I ended up not feeling well and by the end of the time there I went and took a nap in the van. Then went back to the hotel and took a big nap, since I had a fever and came down with the cold the kids had...Bummer!)
The cute little Dik-dik...


Poor workhorse Daddy, two kids in the stroller,
one on his shoulders!
On Thursday, we went to the Denver Mint, and you're not allowed to take any pictures there. That night, to celebrate Rebekah's birthday, we went to Casa Bonita. It was lots of fun (even though the food is mediocre!)
Ready to go in and have a fun night!

Beffy played skee-ball in the arcade too!

Mal by the sign outside...Live Entertainment & No cover charge!
Mexican Food! Cliff Divers! Gun Fights! Dancing Monkeys! Magician!
Strolling Musicians! Over 300 Smiling people to serve you...
Then on Friday before we left town, we found a Hobby Lobby, and visited my sister again. Bethany got to hold Jakob again this time... Awwww!
Bethany and her baby cousin "Jay-da"
It was a fun week but we were glad to get back home to our own beds. We're still recovering from our colds we had... We have lots of wonderful memories!


  1. Great pictures! Glad you had a good time :)

  2. It was almost like being their with you ... but I didn't get near the work out! :) Glad you had fun ... and get healthy!! :)


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