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Friday, March 18, 2011

Rebekah's birthday party

Last weekend we had Rebekah's 12th birthday party here, and we celebrated HOLLYWOOD style!
She wanted everyone to dress up as their favorite movie star, and we had quite a fabulous group show up at our home Saturday evening!

The group got a red carpet entrance complete with paparazzi photos at the end of the carpet!
Here are some of the pics:
Waiting outside for our entrance...
posers! :-D
And now... the stars on the red carpet!... (in no particular order...)

And the STAR of the evening: Ashley Tisdale! (Rebekah)

Meg Ryan (from City of Angels) arrived... (Jill)

Lydia as Jesse from Toy Story 2...

Cinderella made an entrance... (Mallory)
Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth (Grandma)
graced us with her presence!
Ellen Degeneres danced on in... (Nana)
Kelly McGillis from Top Gun (Ashley)...
Audrey Hepburn sauntered in... (Allison)
Rock Star Daddy (Joshua)
Shirley Temple was here! (Norah)
Conan O'Brien entered... (Aaron)
Charlie Chaplin was here too! (Morgan)
Tony Hawk (aka Caleb)
Truman Capote was present! (Grandpa Nadel)
And last but not least... Uncle Buck made us laugh! (Uncle Mike)
Norah assisted in the gift unwrapping...
A fancy dress from Grandpa!
The "Oscar" cake goes to... Rebekah Nadel for a great birthday!

It was one of the best parties we ever had- so much fun! We did have two people not participate in the dressing up (Grandpa M and Uncle Brett), which was fine! It was exciting to see what everyone would come dressed as, most of them we didn't know in advance! My mom wore the dress that was her mother-of-the-bride dress from our wedding! And my niece Norah's super cute curly hair was sooo fun on her! We had pizza, chips, popcorn and soda for dinner - food you can buy at the movie theater you know... with a few healthy finger food veggies thrown in!

Rebekah received some wonderful gifts, most of which she wore this week over Spring Break! She really needed new jeans, and we're so glad she got several new pair! Hope they still fit her this fall, she is getting sooo tall! Thanks to everyone who came and dressed up, it was a fantastic party! 

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