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Thursday, April 28, 2011

American Girl tea party!

I decided to have an end-of-year tea party for the girls in my American Girl class, since I had missed one class when I was sick. My husband suggested having a party here at our home, and so I scheduled it and it worked! (A few of the girls missed the tea, but we still had 11 of the 14, plus moms from our class come!) A few of the girls brought their cross-stitch bookmarks that they finished, it was fun to see them completed. They did a great job!

I looked online and got some ideas from these two websites:


These were two pictures that I liked from a beautiful mosaic website:

I liked the napkins with pink ribbon on them, and I liked the pink lemonade. So we made pink lemonade in addition to tea, and put the lemonade and ice water in fancy pitchers. We also made scones, I found that recipe in my MOPS cookbook. My daughter used the Master Muffin recipe to make apple cinnamon muffins. 
Here is what we set up:

 Tablecloths on the table with a table runner, real tea cups (kinda risky with 8-10 year old girls!)
 They all sat around one table, even though I had a second table set up in the dining room with another flowery tablecloth on it...

 We made a small craft called a "Bilboquet" that I found in an American Girl craft book. It was easy and fun!
 One of the girls brought her horse, the foal from the last Felicity book, "Patriot". It was there on the table while the girls made their craft.
 The dolls on the couch while we had tea... :-D
 We had some extra time so we played some colonial games, from the same American Girl party/craft book. In the above picture, I'm explaining the game...
 It was called "Hide the Ring" and the girls had lots of fun playing it. We passed the ring behind our backs, and the girl in the middle closed her eyes. When I said stop, the girl opened her eyes and guessed who held the ring. (I loved all their dresses they wore!)
The last game we played was supposed to be "Hide the Thimble", only I didn't get out a thimble beforehand. So we used the ring again, and hid it around the room. 
The girls liked hiding and finding it too!

It was a very fun tea, and I'll miss the girls this summer! It was a great time to "have tea" like the English, since the Royal Wedding is tonight! I even wore my necklace with crowns on it! :-D

Oh, and here is my completed and framed cross-stitch sampler that I had stitched during this Spring of the Felicity classes. The girls enjoyed seeing my finished product too!

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  1. So sweet! What a difference from my life of swords, guns, Legos, etc. with my 3 boys!


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