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Friday, April 29, 2011

DIY- Felt hair clips

Today, instead of a "Food Friday, I am going to make a post for "Frugal Friday"! Enjoy...

I was in a craft store recently and saw these cute felt hair clips. Immediately I said to my oldest daughter, "we could make these!" So we bought some metal clips, felt and got busy!

I have made pins with felt and my Sizzix Big Shot before, and it is very fun! That was a cute and simple Mother's Day gift last year! This year I made these for my little girls just in time for Easter, and I made a few pins for me too!

Here is what we used:
My Sissix Big Shot ready to roll!
 The supplies I used were: 2 colors of purple and 2 colors of pink felt; coordinating buttons (green, pink, red, yellow, blue); scissors, thread, Sissix Big Shot, flower die, and small metal clips.
Supplies used...
Showing more supplies, some cut and sewn, ready to glue...
Some sewn, some ready to sew buttons on...
Ready to glue.
(Showing the back& flowers stitched together)
Gluing pin back and clip onto flower...
With two sheets of each color (4 total) I made 8 flower pin/ clips! (One not pictured)
The finished product! 
So here are the rough directions:
1. Get out all supplies. Plug in hot glue gun.
2. Cut out flowers with Sissix and felt.
3. Match the colors you'd like to sew together with button. 
You can do all one color, or two matching colors of felt.
4. Sew on button.
5. Glue pin back or metal clip onto back of felt flower. Viola!
Cute, springy and fun!

Now I've got enough for six hair clips and two pins for me!:-D 
Let me know if you make this and what you think...

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  1. I saw your pin yesterday and wanted to comment on its cutsy-ness. :)


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