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Monday, April 4, 2011

It's just hair...the long and short of it!

We have had lots of changes in my big kids' hair recently. My oldest daughter, Rebekah got her hair cut with me in May. Then she got layers put into it in August. After months and years of lobbying, I finally allowed her to get bangs in the end of January. She has done very well taking care of them and they look cute on her! She likes the changes in her hair, and has been showering more often (almost every day) and styling her hair with gel in it too. She is growing up!

My son Caleb has also been styling his hair up on top. I remember my younger brother doing this, so it is kinda funny to see my son style his hair too! He has learned to like gel quickly! His hair is usually short, but we've allowed him to grow it longer this winter. We like to have it short during baseball season, since he gets sweaty and gets hat-head often! So when baseball season comes around again, it will get buzzed again!
Caleb's faux-hawk!
He was hot...

My SIL did a process of her hair a few months ago, and it got me thinking about some of my crazy hair-dos of the past. So at the risk of embarrassing myself, here it is...

I've had long and short hair, and everything in between... growing it out, cutting it off again...

Curly haired as a toddler...

My boy hair cut when I was about 4...
(love the crazy shirt and pants I'm wearing! :-D)
One of my favs... Curly and fun...age 10?

Cut it off in 8th grade... kinda cute...
(love my friendship bracelets!) 

After my big haircut in 8th grade, I decided that I wanted it long again. So I grew it out all through junior high and high school...

Blew it dry every day in my high school and college years... big hair!
Straight hair in 2001
After I had Caleb, I wanted a change (plus I turned 30!)... so I cut it shorter again. I liked it, but wasn't sure if shorter than this would be better...
Cute shorter cut- 2003
Well, it kinda turned into an afro!
The afro of 2004
So I grew it out again!
growing it longer... Christmas 2006 ( I love this one too!)

getting longer, no bangs... 2008

Mother's Day 2010- before the big cut...
with curly bangs!
Then I got tired of it again, I was pulling it back all the time, so I decided I needed another big hair change. So I had 8 inches cut off, and donated it to Children with Leukemia (I think!) My daughter had her hair cut at the same time, and she had been growing it for 2 years, and had 10 inches! This cut was a little shorter than I wanted it, so I've been growing it a little bit...

end of May 2010

Curly and cute- finally learned
how to be kind & gentle to my hair!

That's the long and short of it! :-D Which style did you like on me?
Here is a post that I did a while back about how to care for curly hair.


  1. I think I like Christmas 2006 the best.

  2. I agree with Nina ... or maybe it's your radiant smile in that pic! So lovely :)


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