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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thrifty Thursday-Molly Green

Well, another email newsletter that I receive all about frugality and saving some $green$ is partially for homeschoolers, but not totally. Molly Green has lots of great inexpensive decorating ideas, and menu ideas. One of our favorite new recipes is one that I got from her. She is from a group called "Econobusters" and has a great website found here:

This is our favorite new recipe from Molly's website:

With basketball games, scout meetings, Bible studies, etc. things just seem to keep getting busier and busier around her. On those extra busy days, it’s nice to have a few quick fix, tried-and-true meals. You may not think of this as particularly frugal, but five of us had a good, easy dinner, with leftovers today for lunch, for under $5.00. It was a busy “out and about” sort of day, and I was running a bit behind in the morning.

Before leaving home, I pulled out some leftover cubed ham from the freezer. (When hams are on sale, I try to pick up a good-sized one. After we have a ham dinner, I cut up what’s left and freeze it, a couple of cups per batch, in plastic bags.) On my way home in the late afternoon, I picked up a package of gluten free penne from Walmart ($1.57) and a jar of Classico Alfredo Sauce with roasted red peppers ($2.08). I like the Classico brand because I re-use the jars for canning.

Once at home, I had to take a phone call. My husband cooked up the noodles, drained them, then stirred in the jar of sauce and the now-defrosted ham, and spread the whole mixture in a 9″x13″ pan. He sprinkled a handful of Mozzarella cheese over the top and popped it in the oven for 15 minutes or so. That was supper–and it was delicious–and for some of us it was lunch today, too!
You could make this meal for even less if you don’t use gluten free pasta (I noticed past on sale for $1 at Albertson’s this week) and make your own Alfredo sauce. Add some garlic toast and green salad to round out the meal a bit more.

Also, her blog has great tips for organization, homemade remedies, parties, Freebies on Fridays, tutorials and all kinds of money saving resources. I get a free weekly newsletter from Econobusters/ Molly Green and I love it! I always take time to check at least some of the links. She offers books and e-books, as well as a "Molly Membership" where you can get more in-depth tips and news. I follow her on Twitter (@frugal_molly) and have gotten same great links and blogs to follow from her.
So go check out her blog and web site, you won't regret it!

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