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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thrifty Thursday- Yard sale/ Goodwill finds

Some of my friends & family may remember my "big trip" on Spring Break this year... well, long embarrassing story short... I needed new capris since I tore a very large hole in the left knee of my denim capris. The pair I had were great because they were kinda long, almost like short jeans if I unrolled them.   They had just the right amount of pockets and they were cute... I miss them! :-( {insert BIG sad face here}

 Now on the hunt for new denim capris,  I found a decent pair at Goodwill this Saturday, when they were having their "Customer Appreciation Sale!" We spun the wheel when we first got there and got a 50% off (the entire order) coupon! Boo-yeah! And Goodwill already has good deals! My hubby also got two pair of shorts, which he needed, as well as some kids' books (I can't resist their inexpensive books!)

 Here are some things that I've found at yard sales and Goodwill recently...
Blue FiestaWare plate,  just the plate... it's a little bigger than our others,
but may be nice to have an extra...

Found two Jim Brickman CD's (instrumental piano)
Three 29 cent books...
My hubby's cool new shorts- just in time for summer!

Fun new green shirt, longer than others I had to donate...

Long & fun purple shirt- a favorite color!

Found this pair of sweaters at a yard sale for under 50 cents a piece!

Thrifty outfit- $5 shirt on clearance from Old Navy,
yard sale sweater, Goodwill capris 50% off, $1.39
Total for outfit=$6.89!!

I'll try to update again when I have more deals I find in the future. I don't get to yard sale as often as I want to, with four kids! I love finding great deals!

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