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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Getting into an adult!

I hope you're intrigued by the title of this post enough to read on...

Getting into trouble is something for kids, right? Well, I didn't get the police called on me, or anything... Here is my story...

A few weeks ago, I dropped my older daughter off at a Bible Study on a Saturday morning. I had my youngest daughter age 2+ with me. On the way to the youth leader's home, I saw signs for a yard sale. After the drop-off, I decided to stop and check out the yard sale. You never know what you'll find at a yard sale! This one was at a local church, and they usually have lots of great treasures. I went in with my little girl, and looked...and looked... It was more junk than treasures. Did I need any odd books? No, not really... maybe this book (picking it up)...hmm...(putting it back down)...

After looking for several minutes and nearly giving up, I saw a woman holding up a nice pair of shorts, asking her friend if they'd fit her. "What size?" the other woman asked. Her friend told her, and she said "No, not for me..." I heard her say the size, and it piqued my interest. I went over to check. They looked nice, and there was another pair, and they were L.L.Bean- a high-quality brand! I snatched them up!

Ok, two pair of shorts, guess I'll grab that book, I thought. Nothing for the kids... they don't need anything else, really... I saw a pretty bracelet by the check out, so I took that too. After paying the kind gals at the payment area, I went outside with my daughter.

I loaded my little girl into the van, and hopped in myself. As I started it up, a woman knocked on my window. I rolled it down, and she starts ranting! "You did a TERRIBLE job parking your vehicle!! I'm parked right next to you, and I can't even get in my car! You need to learn how to park! You have all this room over here (behind her, she motions) and hardly any room on my side over there (pointing to her car)!" She took a breath and I feel myself getting flushed. "I'm sorry..." I stammered. "Well, I'll let you back out so I can get into my car, 'cause I can't do it with you parked here like this..." "Ok, I'm...sorry..." and I felt bad.

Of course, they person next to me could have moved their car while I was inside. I had a hard time finding a parking space when I came in, and someone had just backed out when I arrived. I didn't say that, she was angry. I just backed out and went on my way, not quite so merry as I was before... but I guess I learned my lesson.

I was paranoid about parking the rest of the day (or week!) I may not be the best parker, but I think I do just fine... I really hope I don't run into that woman again... Schwoo! (running hand across sweaty forehead)

Beware ladies when you park, someone may come to chew you out too!

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  1. oy.
    not cool.

    a reminder to not be like that.


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