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Monday, June 27, 2011

July 4th lapbook

Here is another lapbook that we did several years ago (in 2007). This was actually one of the very first lapbooks that we ever did, and it got us HOOKED on lapbooking! My crafty older daugther and I have made many lapbooks since then, and this was one of my favorites! It is a great blend of history and art thrown in too, at least cutting skills. A LOT of cutting, and writing too!

We got it as a freebie from Live and Learn Press, and if you become a member, you may get it free too. You can find them here. The Fourth of July unit is updated and now called "Let Freedom Ring" and should be in the Social Studies section. You can find my post all about lapbooking here.
Front cover
Left side
-Vocabulary, Our American Flag booklet, Synonyms for freedom,
-Another name for Fireworks, rectangle fireworks info booklet, flag clipart, triangle fold
-"Discuss serious uses for Fireworks" booklet (i.e. flares, during battles, etc.,)

Left side with flap open
-Betsy Ross info flap booklet
- Two 1776 myths matchbooks.
Inside these we wrote: "The Declaration of Independence was not written on hemp paper, but on parchment."
And: "The Liberty Bell was not rung to celebrate independence. It was used earlier to call people to public gatherings."
Middle section of lapbook
How to display the flag (i.e. on a casket, over a sidewalk, on a staff, etc.,)
Folding the flag pocket and mini-book.
Two question "blue" booklet- What was the Lee Resolution; Who were the Committee of Five?
Three documents that influenced the Declaration of Independence
We the People min-book- questions about Declaration of Independence.

Back flap:
Did you know? booklet: 4 Q's about misc. trivia (ex: On July 4, 1826, John Adams AND Thomas Jefferson both died.)
-When was the Liberty Bell named?
-Timeline: The creation and Signing of the Declaration of Independence

Right sideof lapbook, flap open
-"We holds these truths" booklet- we wrote inside what this means to us.
-Declaration signing picture: with Declaration copy on inside.
-Intolerable Acts booklet-4 acts and what they were about
-1776 Myths matchbook, we wrote: "The Lee Resolution had already declared independence
on July 2. The Dec. of Ind. was approved and adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776."
-Fireworks mini-book: What two things did the Declaration do?
Right flap:
-Thomas Jefferson mini-book: 4 Q's about Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration.
-Unalienable rights booklet: Two Q's about unalienable rights (What are they; Who did they nor refer to?)
-Charters of Freedom booklet: What three documents make it up?

From left: -The Fourth of July is also known as... booklet
-Map of 13 colonies booklet, with a labeled map inside (labeled by us)
-Proper behavior during the National Anthem
-National Anthem booklet: lyrics written inside
-1776 Myths, we wrote: "The July 4 Declaration differed from the Lee Resolution in that it asserted unanimity,
the abstaining colony of New York did not pass it's own vote for independence until July 9."
-Sir Francis Scott Key booklet (why song was written)

Right flap: -Famous Speeches that quote the Declaration of Independence
Triangle booklet: What was the Continental Congress
-July 4th clipart

back cover with copy of The Declaration of Independence, signed by my daughter!
This lapbook was a little challenging for my 3rd grader. If I'd known there was so much writing (which I did most of), I would have waited a year or two. We do look at it every year close to the 4th of July! It has a huge wealth of information! Have you made any lapbooks? I'd love to see them!

You can find another 4th of July lapbook from Lapbook Lessons here.

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  1. Hi Jill:) thanks for stopping by from voiceboks -- i actually got that plate from my MIL, who got it years ago, haha. I also just saw it in a store, it made me smile. The kids get happy if I put that plate out, they know something good is coming! I'm enjoying your blog and I will follow your July 4th link, my youngest should do that one--although she's rather do any American Girl classes! ok, I'm rambling:) But enjoying your site.


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