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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thrifty Thursday- Goodwill finds

I went with my son to Goodwill this week to look for some Father's Day gifts for Dad. We didn't find much because my 8 year old is very focused on himself. (Call it the ego-centric eights, or whatever you want!) I can hardly get out of Goodwill without buying anything, so...
Here are SOME of the books that we bought...
Got a new black shirt for myself since my stomach is not fitting
 into my other shirts... aging I guess!
(or lack of exercise)
And I found some white (almost) flats that I've been looking for
for over a year!
Two "bigger kids" books, a Jump5 CD and A VeggieTales DVD!

Found a cute, patriotic candle holder and candle that was unburned!

And how much did we pay for it all? Just under $21.00! WOW! I love getting good deals!

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