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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer "Bucket List"

Summer began for us a few weeks ago, but the First day of summer is coming soon, so I thought I'd share some activities that I'd like to do this summer!

I saw this on another blog and I really liked the idea of putting down what I hope to do this summer... for myself and for the kids. This blog talks about how to make a bucket list for your family. (and freebies for you too!)

Repaint walls in front hall (in process...)
VBS (this week!)

Wash all curtains & valances-DONE
Repair rings on blue & white curtains-DONE
Sew bag for cross-stitch supplies- DONE
Sew cover for Miche bag-DONE
Sew valance for kitchen window- DONE
Purge toybox
Swim lessons for kids
Prep for Josefina/Kirsten classes, Read
Wash M/B food/toys
Go thru MOPS books @ RCC
Regal Cinema movies
Go to the park! (at least 2 X)

Visit family in Durango=ROAD TRIP!
Go to Glade Park Movies
Hikes/ geocaching with family
Clean fridge
Make homemade popsicles
Go to the local drive-in
Have picnic lunches & dinners outside!
Go camping?

So that's my main list of fun and crafts, and work to do!
I may have to update at the end of the summer to see how much I accomplished!
I may have to make more of these lists for fall and winter too!

You can find the above printable/ frameable bucket list here. I love it!

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