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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thrifty Thursday-Bracelets I've made

I know, I am a busy mom of four busy kids. When do I have time to do ANY crafts? When the kids are in bed, of course! When we watch a movie, often I do not have idle hands. Sometimes, but not often. I've been making bracelets for myself and others for years. That should be a surprise because I've had my babies over the last 12 years. Yes, babies tug on bracelets and other jewelry, but that never stopped me. It probably should have, since my babies have pulled on and broken at least one or two of my bracelets! Also, I've broken them by getting them caught on the washer, dryer, and cleaning in the house. If I worry about the bracelet breaking, I just take it off and put it in my pocket!

My sister-in-law has given me lots of jewelry that she has made, and I LOVE IT! So I began by beading bracelets for myself, since it was pretty easy and I didn't need lots of supplies. Gradually I've gotten into beading more and more. I've even made lanyards for the teachers at my sister's school!

So here are my fancy (not really) pictures of my handiwork...Enjoy!
Earth tones & jewel tones

Purple chunky, Blue/ purple with cross pendants

Blue and green, Blue and red

WWJD/ Wordless book colors,
peach chunky bracelet

Chunky multi-colored,
Go Rockies/ purple/ black bracelets

Black/ gray chunky bracelet;
light & dark greens

So that is my Thrifty Thursday for this week- that I make some of my own jewelry to save money. It is cheaper to buy the beads and string/wire to make the bracelets than to buy a bracelet. I've paid $4-10 per bracelet that I've bought. I can buy a LOT of beads for $4-10! And it's a FUN hobby! :-D

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  3. So fun and simple .... a little Mommy-bling! :)


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