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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Independence Day

Well, almost wordless! Here are some highlights from our family time and fun this past holiday weekend...
Playing ball with Great Uncle Tres, waiting for the fireworks...

The boys played baseball and Caleb got a home run! :-D

We played Uno while we waited...

Great Aunt Rachel blew bubbles too.
Ashley & Mallory played Boche Ball with Uncle Brett and Dad's cousin Matthew.
We saw a gorgeous sunset! (photo by Rebekah)
Fireworks- finally! (Photo by Rebekah)
Or "fire working" as Bethany called it...
Our Star-Studded Cutie ready for the family BBQ!
(we didn't get any photos of that-maybe some family did...)
Auntie Rachel gave out glow bracelets after dinner!
Grandpa and Aunt Rachel watch the fire pit marshmallow roast...
Bethany realllllly enjoyed her s'more!
Ended the day with the "campfire" and chatting. 
We may still light some of our own "fireworks" here another night soon! What a great holiday- lots of family time, wonderful food and loads of fun! We thank God for our freedoms in America!

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