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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Storing Lapbooks

Close-up on lapbooks before taping and storing, on shelf
Several years ago, I saw a blog post by a lapbooker where she talked about how they stored their lapbooks. At the time, we were gathering quite a few, and it has turned out to be a great way to store them!
Shelf showing individual lapbooks and 2 binders
Supplies gathered...

We applied a strip of Duct tape to the edge of the lapbook (about 8" long), folded it over so it stuck to itself and about 1/3" onto the lapbook. Then we punched three holes into it, and put it into a large binder. On the front of the binder, we placed a label which states which lapbooks are in that binder. (I.e., Apples, Bees, etc.,)

We've had two binders of lapbooks for several years, and we've added only a few. My son is not really into them yet (nor does he enjoy crafts) and my daughter has a heavier course-load in homeschool, and doesn't have much leftover time to make them anymore. I hope my son will enjoy them more as he grows older (he just finished 2nd grade). He does like to review them sometimes when he has completed his work for the day.

I recently made another binder of lapbooks that my preschooler has made this past year. You can find my posts about preschool lapbooks here and here.

Apply duct tape to edge... then fold, leaving some folded tape area to hole punch.

Showing duct taped edge, with extra area, before hole punching.

Showing completed process, holes punched and lapbooks in binder 
Front of binder with labels

You can read all about lapbooking here.

Do you have a different way to store lapbooks? Please let me know what you do, I'd love to hear all about it!

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