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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mallory's lapbooks

Looking at her "Pocket for Corduroy" lapbook...
 Here is another batch of lapbooks that my preschooler and I have done this Spring. You can find our other post about her lapbooks here:
Looking at her "Feathers for Lunch" lapbook
These lapbooks are all free from

The newest lapbooks that we've done are:
Feathers for Lunch/Birds
Pocket for Corduroy
Over in the Meadow
The Carrot Seed
Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb (one of my favorite books from my childhood!)

As I said in my other post, Mallory does most of the cutting, all of the coloring and some of the gluing. She loves having something to do "just for her" and enjoys being crafty! It is easy just to print the lapbooks, do a little cutting and we glue! She likes the mini-book activities and writing inside them too. I think she has learned a lot and is getting ready for kindergarten next year. How can that be?!

Hope you enjoyed the pics...

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