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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

All About Me Lapbook

Several years ago, my daughter Rebekah and I discovered lapbooking. One of our first lapbooks was "All About Me". It was a great first lapbook because it was simple, easy to make and fun! We filled a few hours in Summer 2007 making this lapbook. You can read my post about how to lapbook here.

This lapbook was a freebie from Live and Learn Press. You can find it here.
Our own cover

Middle section, open
Minibooks: A Timeline All About Me, My Family,
 Three Things You Should Know About Me,
Important Information About ME!, Self-portrait drawing,
Things I can do with my... HEAD, HANDS & ARMS, FEET & LEGS,
Things I like to feed my TUMMY.
I heave..., A few of my Favorite Things,
A Poem All About ME!

Our back- not too exciting! :-D
It seems like such a simple lapbook because it was our first! We added more detail and accessories (i.e. stickers) the more we lapbooked! Rebekah really enjoyed this lapbook, and she reviewed it a lot- even if it wasn't as educational as some others. I may need to make another one like this for my younger kids!

Let me know if you have any questions, or if you make one! I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments!


  1. I'm very interested in lapbooks for my kids. Seems like it is simple enough. Thanks for sharing with us! New follower from vB!

  2. Thanks for sharing. We are planning to start this school year with a About Me lapbook. Blessings


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