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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Labor Day lapbook

This is another lapbook that we made several years ago. It is all about LABOR DAY! Since we are getting close to Labor Day (how did that happen?), I thought I'd post this great freebie that we got from In the Hands of A Child. You can find it here. You might be able to get it as a freebie from them or from, like we did! 
The cover of our lapbook

Whole lapbook, open

Mini-books open: (top to bottom)
The first celebration-When? Where?
When and Why Then?
Celebrations (around U.S.)

Middle bottom:
Undesirable Jobs
My Life without Them (firemen, police)
A Reason for Labor Day
and some graphics from the Project Pack
Middle top:
Timeline mini-book open
Reason for Labor Day book open

Left flap:
Vocabulary mini-book (words like Negotiator, Union, etc.,)
Equal Value mini-book open (we wrote on two sides)
Work interview with--Her Dad!
She wrote the questions and interviewed him. She asked:
Where Do You Work?
What do you Do?
When do you Work?
Who do you work with?
How do you do your work?
It was a great lapbook! We learned a lot about the history of Labor Day and different jobs. I hope you'll be able to do this lapbook soon too! I'd love to hear your review!

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  1. I do love how all that information is contained in one little folder ... what a great resource!


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