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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WFMW- Secrets of Organizers

I was going through some old magazines and articles earlier this summer and getting rid of most of them. (recycled!) I found an article from 2000 from Family Circle and decided to summarize it for my blog!

The article is titled:
Secrets of Super Organizers: Say Goodbye to Clutter

The article discusses excuses that we give for getting organized, and how to BUST them!
Excuse #1: "I paid good money for it."
-At this point, the item is not earning you anything. You can re-coup money from the item by re-selling it or donating it (and getting a tax deduction).
-The item may actually be costing you! -consider the expense or storage or maintenance...
-The item provided it's value, and move on from that.
-When you organize, think of the money you are NOT shelling out, because you are not buying duplicates of the same item.
-Emotional cost of the time being used endlessly searching for misplaced belongings.

Excuse #2: I might need it someday.
-If you save everything you might need someday, you're going to need a warehouse to store it all!
-Clarify your personal mission and goals, and it will help you decide what to get rid of and what to keep.
-Define a financial threshold: Can it be replaced for under $5? Even if you might need the item in the future, the promise of clear space makes it worth pitching and replacing, when and if necessary.

Excuse #3: They don't make them like this anymore.
-There may good reason for that! Product improvements often render earlier generations obsolete.
-Have you used it in the past two years? If so, fine. But if you're holding onto it because you can't replace it comparably, it's only wasting space.
-Discarding it does not mean you are negating its quality. It may just not have a place in your life anymore! Someone else may appreciate its value AND put it to good use!

Excuse #4: It holds a special memory for me.
-Getting organized is not about throwing out all your treasures! It's about weeding out the junk, and keeping only what is beautiful, useful or loved.
-Is there another way to reminisce? Does another object (photo) prompt similar feelings?
-Memory-joggers may create want for more... things you may need need or use!

For many people, the down-side of getting organized is letting go! It doesn't have to be that way! These stumbling blocks can help you live clutter free, as well as create space- physically and mentally for what truly matters in your life.

It didn't help me decide if I can get rid of my tennis racket, though!

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