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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New calendar board

We are getting ready to begin homeschool soon, and last week I ran across this great website that had free printables for a calendar board. I am going to use the calendar again with my new kindergartener, and I liked the idea of updating my sad, old system. So I printed the new pieces for the board, laminated them, (it's my favorite teacher's tool!) used an old foam core board that we had and put it together. I am looking forward to using it!
Putting it all together...
There is:  a Today is the ____ Day of School, with a hundreds place chart;  100 chart to check off the days of school with a marker; a  weather chart to add the day's weather; and a flip chart with The Date, Every week, Days of the Week and The Months of the year charts.
The finished product!
You can also check out this blog for calendar board ideas.
This blog has added a few things to the calendar that are for preschoolers and for skip counting.

I hope my kindergartener enjoys it, and I am looking forward to teaching her from it- something new! The main thing I added is in the bottom right corner, the "Letter of the Week," since that is something we do in kindergarten. I printed cards from a here online, and made a pocket for them. I also made pockets for the Days of the week and the Months of the year. We tried taping a dry erase marker to the board, but it fell off. I guess we'll have to keep it nearby, or maybe tie it onto a ribbon! In the middle on the bottom, I also added the Pledge of Allegiance to our board, a laminated printable that I've had for several years.

We have a wall calendar nearby that we will refer to also.

How do you do calendar in your homeschool? I'd love to hear your comments and ideas!

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