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Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer "Bucket List" review

Since Summer is coming to a close, I thought I'd review my "Bucket List" made in the beginning of the summer. (Technically, summer's not over until the Fall Equinox in September, but we are starting homeschool again this week!)

Here is my original post from June.

Here is my list copied from that post:
My Miche bag cover
Kids writing on the hall wall...
Repaint walls in front hall -DONE

Wash all curtains & valances-DONE
Repair rings on blue & white curtains-DONE
Sew bag for cross-stitch supplies- DONE
Sew cover for Miche bag-DONE
Sew valance for kitchen window- DONE
Purge toybox-DONE
Swim lessons for kids-DONE
Prep for Josefina/Kirsten classes, Read-Partially DONE
Wash M/B food/toys -DONE
Go thru MOPS books @ RCC-DONE
Regal Cinema moviesDONE
Go to the park! (at least 2 X) -DONE (I think?)

Visit family in Durango=ROAD TRIP!- DONE
Go to Glade Park Movies- no...did not do...
Hikes/ geocaching with family-no...
Clean fridge-DONE
Make homemade popsicles-DONE
Go to the local drive-in-no...did not do...
Have picnic lunches & dinners outside!-DONE
Go camping? DONE (with lots of S'mores!)
My dad with Beffy while camping...
I later added a few- Potty-train Bethany (we've been working on it!)
Home school prep for fall- almost DONE
Bethany on the potty...

The only ones that I did not do out of those 23 items are these three!
Go to Glade Park Movies
Hikes/ geocaching with family
Go to the local drive-in

We still have time to do them, I think... maybe not the Glade Park movies... They are so fun, but hard to get the crew out the door early to get good seats there!

All in all, it was a great summer, and I am a little sad that it is almost over!

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