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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: New Coupon Binder!

This is my old binder, just a big 3-ring notebook.
Several months ago, I found the Krazy Coupon Lady's website and on it, she has pages to put into a binder for coupons. My old coupon holder was falling apart, so I decided to try it. The KCL site has pages that you can print to help you organize your binder into sections, and talks about what you need for the binder. I had some old sectioned page protectors, so I used them. Then I did buy some baseball card holders at Target for my binder. They are just the right size for coupons! 

My new ZIPPERED binder!
I have been looking around for a new binder that zippers. The best time of year for school supplies is NOW! So I picked one up at Office Depot this week with a discount, so it was $10. (Of course the next day I saw one at Goodwill, and I'd never seen one there!)
This shows the index in the front of the binder, and the tabs on the side.
A little closer up of the pages...
I found the KCL website very helpful in building my coupon binder, using all the categories and downloads. She says you can also get the baseball card holders at Walmart and even on eBay. I've had people ask me about my binder in the store, and I tell them about KCL! (and show them my system). It makes it very quick and easy to find the coupon I need and use it! I did change my binder categories slightly after using it for a bit. I added a section for breads/ biscuits and one for Deli-Meat. You can really customize it any way you want!

I hope this helps you in being more frugal. And remember, "If she has a binder, don't get behind her!" (in the checkout lane!) :-D


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