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Thursday, September 29, 2011

American Girl class: Josefina Week 3

This week, our girls read "Josefina's Surprise: A Christmas Story" before class. We discussed the book, and had a lot of fun making Hair Combs for craft! We had hot chocolate with cinnamon for snack, the girls really liked that! Some of them said they had never had it that way, and they really liked it! One girl said she doesn't usually like hot chocolate and she liked this! :-D

We also talked about "Las Posadas" the Spanish celebration of Christmas. We discussed in the book how they celebrated and what the songs were. It was fun to imagine, I wish I could see it in person sometime!

For the combs, they each got a pair of combs (I found a package of 12 at Rite Aid). I gave them 10-12 mini-glue dots, one star rhinestone per girl and a handful of beads. The girls each had a different idea of what they were going to do, and they made some very nice patterns! I showed them a sample hair comb from here, and the Josefina's World book- they were so elaborate and dainty! 

Diligently working...
Gluing beads on...
Modeling her combs, so pretty!
 After we finished the combs, we wrote in our geography notebooks. (See links below) They each colored the state of New Mexico on their U.S. map, wrote a paragraph about Josefina living in New Mexico, and colored the state page (but I forgot to bring the crayons!)
Writing and weaving...
 The 2:00 class...
Modeling her hair comb- so pretty!
Working on the geography notebooks...

And we worked on the weaving project again...
 They are coming along very well! I love seeing all of their work each week. During the weaving, we get to talking, and I love their funny stories!
It was a very fun day, I loved their hair combs! The hour goes by so quickly! We must be having fun!

Geography Notebooks printables can be found here:
USA Map:

State coloring pages: (We did New Mexico for Josefina)

State bird and state flower page:

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