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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Buy it back" box

I posted in the past about organizing, and using our "buy-it-back-box... you can find the original post here.
"Make it clear that leaving personal belongings unattended may result in their being held for ransom. If a family member wants his or her stuff back, he or she will have to do an extra chore. If anyone chooses not to do the extra chore, you know that the item isn't important enough. Give the item away to charity without guilt.

We do this last one with our kids, and we call it the "buy-it-back-box". When the kids go to bed and leave their toys/ belongings out, we put it in the buy-it-back-box. Then they have to do a job/ chore the next day to get it back. I love that- and it's amazing how it motivates them to grab their toys and clean up before they go to bed. There are some things that have stayed in the box for a while, (a month maybe) and... off they go to Goodwill!"

When they go to grab a job, they get to take out the "job jar' which is filled with jobs that the kids can do. Here is my list:

“Job jar” list of jobs for kids to do

Clean all door knobs
Clean all light switches
Wash closet doors (one or two rooms)
Wash/ dust front door
Vacuum edges of carpet with small vac
Clean fridge top, door front & inside door
Clean one fridge shelf
Spot clean kitchen floor
Wash laundry room doors
Clean computer & TV screens
Dust one bedroom
Vacuum one bedroom (Mom’s choice)
Wash/ wipe walls
Wipe bathroom scale, toilet bottom
Wipe floor in bathrooms, entry way
Clean out trash, toys in van, vacuum
Sweep front walk/ porch/ step
Clean/ wash trash cans
Clean stove top and microwave
Wipe down dishwasher door & stove door fronts
Wash baseboards
Vacuum couches 
Sweep garage floor
Shake out rugs 
Wash windows (Mom’s choice)
Do sibling’s job
Sweep kitchen floor
Wash all windowsills
Wipe kitchen counters
Help Mom with laundry
Dust family room or front room
Sweep back sidewalk
Vacuum stairs

This is our simple list of things to do in our home. When we moved, I had to change a few that we didn't need anymore- like clean sliding glass door, became clean laundry room doors, since we now have doors on our laundry room! So you can adjust it to your needs.

 We do use clorox wipes (or generic) for the younger kids, and even my two-year-old can clean some things to get a toy from the box! I have a handful of jobs that I know she can do, so she doesn't get to actually choose a job. For her, she can wipe doorknobs, sweep (a little), spot-mop the kitchen floor with a wet rag, wash baseboards, wipe lower windowsills, and dust low shelves without cleaners. I like this practice because it gets the kids to take care of their own things, clean up after themselves, and teaches them to clean under my supervision, which is a skill they need to know for the future! And I love having a clean home! Also in the jar are incentives, which is another post! :-D

My sister-in-law posted about this on her blog about a year ago, you can find that link here.

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