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Thursday, October 20, 2011

American Girl class: Josefina Week 6

This week we had our last class all about Josefina! We read Changes for Josefina and discussed the book. We talked a little bit about New Mexican weddings and proposals using the Welcome to Josefina's World book. Then we made   “Memory books” with wrinkled brown kraft paper, folded white paper & yarn. The girls each got a piece of brown kraft paper, 9" X 12", folded in half (hamburger way, not hot-dog way. :-D) They colored a picture on the front of their book, then crumpled it up to make it look old. I gave them each five pieces of white copy paper, they folded it in half, and placed it inside their kraft paper. Then I punched two holes through all of the pieces, and they put yarn through the holes and tied a bow
2:00 class...
 For snack, we ate Homemade bread. In the 1:00 class, it was Sourdough bread that was still warm- yum! In the 2:00 class, it was Fry Bread with honey- yum!
Today we also finished our weaving work on hand loom, took it off the cardboard loom and tied it off. The girls were able to take home their woven piece, which they could use as a mini-rug, or attach a stick to make into a wall-hanging. 

Such a neat design!
Taking it off the loom and tying the knots...
 The 2:00 class finished their weaving too- so fun to see the woven piece off the loom!

A mom helping the younger girls...
She worked hard on her book cover!
Look at that happy smile!
You can find directions on how to finish the cardboard loom here. (You'll find it under "What the Children Do") I tried to give a paper explaining how to complete the weaving and take off the loom to each girl that didn't finish it in class. Most of them got the weaving completed, what a joy it was to the girls and to me, to see the culmination of SIX weeks of work done!

Next week we'll begin Kirsten, and a new ongoing project! 

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