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Monday, October 10, 2011

Columbus Day lapbook

Here is a bonus post for today, since it is Columbus Day. We made this lapbook four years ago, but we pull it out every year on Columbus Day and read through it. It is a good source of information! I hope you'll enjoy it!

You can find the coloring page for the front cover here.

On the inside, we made our own Christopher Columbus timeline, 
printed & diagrammed his trip on a world map,
and trimmed a printed poem that you can find here. Here is a similar coloring page with a ship. We included a picture of my daughter in a newspaper hat, holding her "ship" 
that she made on construction paper.
On the left, my daughter wrote a letter to the King and Queen of Spain. (as if she were Columbus)
Here are some poems that we printed and glued into the lapbook. 
You can find the word jumble here.
I can't find where we got the crossword that is pictured, but this one is similar.
You can find the maze here. We included some stickers of ships and the world to add a little extra detail and fun!

You can find the link for this Columbus Day word search here. It was a fun lapbook, and lots of great activites filled it up! Enjoy!

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