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Monday, October 10, 2011

Painted lampshade!

I had a boring white lampshade that we had been given when we moved into our new house a year+ ago. The white was fine, but it faded in with the plain white walls and gray couches. I was wanting to add some pizzazz to it, some edging or paint. I finally completed my task last week and I love it!
Here is the before picture:
 Here is the other lampshade in the same room, it has a fun beaded edge on it. It was decorated this way when we received it. I really enjoy the sweet beads!

I found these stamps at Hobby Lobby that I liked. (Sorry, Stampin' Up!, the immediate purchase won out here, and I liked the design...) I liked the flexible stamps and didn't use a clear block for them. I just pressed the stamp with my hand firmly and was able to bend the stamp to the shade.

 Here is my set-up on our "school" table. Before I did anything, I had to dust the lampshade thoroughly first! (not a  favorite task for me!) Then I picked out the colors of acrylic paint that I wanted to use.

 I alternated the pattern and colors around the lampshade. I did botch once, (OOPS!) so there is a double-stamped large image, which is not shown, on the backside. That is why the seam is showing! Oh well... The whole process took me about 1/2 hour! Here is the finished product:

 I really have been enjoying the extra splash of colors and design in the front room!

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