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Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Bunk Beds!

For my youngest daughter's birthday, we also set up the bunk beds in our little girls' room. We had them set up in our old house for the older two kids, but haven't had them set up here yet. We thought the youngest, Bethany was too young to be able to crawl into the big bed, until now!

They were so excited when we set them up, and have loved sleeping in them. Our five-year-old likes sleeping on the top bunk, and is glad that she still has "her bed". It was a little stressful for a bit when she thought she'd need to give her bed to her sister... No, it's still your bed. Yes, you'll still have your bed to sleep in, you'll just need to climb a ladder to get into it! She thought that was pretty cool!

We had to get a new mattress for it, since we only had three twin mattresses. I found one on Craigslist and my hubby picked it up. It's in great shape! We also bought a support board for the under side. It is great to have set up in their room, and makes their room so much more spacious-- without the toddler bed! We gave the toddler bed to some friends, who were happy to have it for their little girl!

Here are some pics of the excited girls:

They were really posing for me...

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