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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wordful Wednesday: Ornaments

I am going to highlight a few ornaments from our tree that we have made, or were made by friends and given to us. They are all ornaments that you can make with your children. I love cross-stitching ornaments, but that is not the easiest thing for kids to do, and it can take a little more time. SO here are four easy ornaments to create...
My wreath ornament given to me
 from a preschooler 16 years ago! 
This ornament would be easy, simple and quick to make as a gift for a teacher, friend or neighbor. You would need:
-a green puzzle (maybe from Goodwill)
-hot glue gun
-red thin ribbon.

You just glue and stack the puzzle pieces, and add ribbon to the back( hanger) and front (bow). I bet your children could even make it, with the supplies and parental supervision for the glue gun!
Another one was inspired by a book that I read by Marilyn Boyer, talking about keeping Christmas Christ-centered, and making ornaments with your kids. This is one that she described making, and I really like it. I just typed Luke 2:11 into my word-processing program, and changed it to a calligraphy type (I can do some calligraphy, but not this perfectly!) Then I printed the verse on vanilla card stock, and tore the edges. I punched a hole in the corner. Then I very carefully burned the edges with a candle. You have to be careful because you can burn more than you want! I wanted to give it an antique edge, so that's why I burned the edge. I think I did three of them until I didn't burn too much! : /   After I was done burning the edge, I attached a piece of hemp twine through the punched hole.

Several years ago, my family visited Chicago in December. I have family there, and when we had a free day, we visited the Museum of Science and Industry. In December each year, the museum has trees decorated from around the world. They are so amazing, and such a variety! If you are ever nearby in December, it is well-worth the trip! One of the trees (I think it was Denmark) had lots of red heart ornaments on it. Here is some information about the trees and ornaments on them.

For this ornament, I took a piece of wood that was heart-shaped, drilled a hole in it, and painted it red with acrylic paint. I attached some red ribbon. It is so striking on the tree, red against the green-- a perfect contrast! I am sure you could find wooden hearts at the craft store, or you could cut red paper and punch a hole in it, too.

This final ornament is another one that we saw on a tree at the Museum of Science and Industry. It was also striking because it was crisp, clean and WHITE! My daughter drew an eye on the other side, even though I told her not to... I'm not sure where we got this pattern, but there are two similar patterns below. I didn't want there to be wings on it, so we didn't insert wings. We punched a hole near the top and inserted clear fishing line, or cord. It is an easy one for kids to make! Just print on card stock, cut out and punch a hole!
A beautiful white dove, a symbol of peace!
Here is one printable dove pattern:

There is another dove pattern here.

I hope you've been inspired to be crafty and find a fun new ornament to create with your child for your own tree. It is a fun activity for kids to do to stay busy while they wait for Christmas to come!

"Today in the town of David,
a Savior has been born to you; 
He is Christ the Lord."
Luke 2:11

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