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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Apples lap book

Here is another lap book that we made several years ago, but it was one of our favorites! We got this lap book as a freebie from Live and Learn Press, and it is still free-- five years later! It is slightly different from the one we have, some of the drawings and graphics, but overall it is very similar. I hope you enjoy seeing our pictures, and will go and get this great freebie for yourself!

Front cover:
We printed with apples and paint, and made an apple acrostic,
which says:
Apples are...
Lava Colered (my daughter's spelling!)
Excellent for you

Inside front left cover:
-Parts of an apple
-Things you can do with apples

Left flap open:
Did you know...? We wrote facts about apples that we found, such as...
"Did you know... that the apple blossom is the state flower of Michigan?"

Middle of left folder:
-Prediction results- how many seeds will be in my apple-
She guessed 5, and there were actually 8.
-Find the apples word search (types of apples)
-Johnny Appleseed booklet, with a mini-biography of John Chapman.
-Apple sayings- Such as an apple a day...- then we explained them in our own words.
-Varieties of Apples- Macintosh, Pippin, etc.,- She cut and colored them the actual colors.

Right flap of left folder:
-An apple tree through the seasons- We colored each one and discussed them.

Left flap of right folder:
-Apple fractions- one whole equals... two halves, etc.,

Middle of right folder:
-Mr. Applehead and faces in an index card pocket
-My Apple Seed Counting Book
-Apple Tree dot-to-dot
-An apple tree with life cycle order

Right flap of right folder:
-Apple patterns
-Apple baskets, with correct number of apples in each basket

Right flap closed:
-Our applesauce recipe, written by my daughter
-A photo of my daughter making applesauce
-Ingredients in an apple (or applesauce narration- your child can narrate how it's made!)

Back cover: Collect the apples game, rules, pieces and spinner.

We decorated the folder with apple stickers that we had, apples we colored, apple sayings, and other apples in the freebie. It was very interesting to make, and we learned quite a lot! Let me know if you try it and what you think. Thanks, Live and Learn Press for a great lap book!

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