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Friday, March 30, 2012

Cake pops!

For Rebekah's birthday cake, I made this recipe for the cake. I tripled the recipe so we would have enough cake for our friends and family, and to make it into a surfboard. You can see the picture of the surfboard cake here. Well, I ended up making them twice... The first time I didn't take them out of the pans before I went to bed. Not good. I woke up in the morning and realized what I'd done. I tried getting the cakes out of the pans then... and ended up with a big mess. {Tears} In my frustration, my hubby's answer was-- "we can make cake pops!" I told him I didn't have time, so he and our daughter made them! He found a recipe online, and off they went to the craft store for supplies.

Here is their basic recipe and pictures:

In a large bowl...

Roll into balls...

 They dipped the sticks into white candy-coating first.
 We melted Candy Melts in several bowls, we had four colors: chocolate/ brown, white, green and blue. We sprinkled some of them with sprinkes (let them dry a wee bit after applying the candy coating)
Anyone else love "Princess Bride"?

Some of them we covered in one color, allowed them to dry and swirled them with another color. Some of them we put chopped nuts on, and a few had coffee beans stuck in the top-- ala Starbucks! Yum!
I did help them some on Friday, it was fun to make them and we've been enjoying and sharing them ever since! YUM!

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  1. they were tasty! So glad an oops could turn so yummy!


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