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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Irish Blessing

Since our American Girls class is on Spring Break this week, here is a different post! My class will be back on schedule with Samantha next week!

I am not Irish. I don't think I have any Irish in me. But I do appreciate St. Patrick and his work in Ireland, and I don't mind celebrating St. Patrick's Day each year (except I'm not too sure about corned beef and cabbage...) and wearing o' the green. My oldest daughter's birthday falls on St. Patrick's Day (the only day in the whole month that I didn't want her to be born!). We try not to pinch her too much on her birthday!

This year I wanted to add a little extra green to my mantle decorations. I searched online, and found this beautiful image below. I printed it and framed it with a dollar store frame. I love it! I also became inspired from Pinterest (again!) and added some inexpensive green candles from Wal-mart in white vases. I am enjoying it all!

So Happy St. Patrick's Day to you... I'll be celebrating my daughter all day! :-D
You can find this image online here.

Here is my mantle now:

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