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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: New Microwave!

(Well, almost wordless!)

This past Saturday, our microwave decided not to work. We tried it a few different ways to no avail. It has given us problems before, so we decided we'd better replace it. So after a trip to the Habitat for Humanity Restore and finding nothing, we went to Sears. We found a great new microwave!

Here are the pics:

I'm happy we were able to get a new one right away! And it's SO white in our kitchen! At least the white matches the fridge...


  1. We just went to Lowes this evening look at microwaves. I've been heating up stuff on top of the stove because the microwave may or MAY not work. Sigh. Our kitchen stuff is currently white but we were wanting to do everything over in the next year or so. But I don't want to look at a new microwave that doesn't match. Is that silly?

  2. Funny how you never really think twice about something until it's gone--then it's really appreciated! Where would we be without our modern appliances, eh? When we were in Mexico, we were without water for a few days--we had to haul bottles of store bought drinking water up a hill (no car!), and boy, did we appreciate it when the water came back on!!!

  3. The new one looks so good.. like that it's in white and matches the kitchen furniture more then old one.

  4. that looks nice. it also matches the stove or the oven... below :)

    Spanish Pinay

  5. Actually, the stove is ivory or off-white, so it doesn't quite match that, or the black dishwasher. We want to replace the dishwasher sometime too, but that will have to wait a while. I'd love to have all of the kitchen appliances match-- never had that luxury! I don't blame you for wanting that, Kenya! Thanks for all of the comments and for stopping by!

  6. Love the new microwave! There's always something so wonderful about new, working appliances! We need to replace our microwave, but I'm hanging onto it until it drops dead lol!

    Thank you for linking up with the vB WW hop!


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