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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New chicken pen/ poultry prison!

New chicken pen/ poultry prison!
Chicken leaving the coop--wish I was faster with my phone!

Recently my husband and I changed our chicken pen outside our house. We had a pen that had worked for a few years, but with 12 chickens we needed something taller and wider. We had used chicken wire to close in our smaller pen, but we decided to use some hog wire that a neighbor had given us. 

Looking left from the coop
 Left side of pen looking toward coop from the corner
My amazing hubby drew up his own plans, measured, went to the home improvement store, and reviewed the plans again. He went back to the store with my Dad and got 8 posts and concrete, another neighbor gave him some nails (2 sizes!) and our brother-in-law gave us some old fence slats. So Joshua dug holes, put in the posts sunken in to concrete. Then we nailed two-by fours into the posts for a frame. 

After the 2 X 4s were in horizontally, we attached the hog wire to them. We put two lengths on each side, stapling as we went. We then pulled back our chicken coop, adjusted the round bricks underneath, resettling them. We pulled out the chicken wire and bricks that was in the pen and gave them free reign of the new place. So far they are really enjoying it!
Front right side where we want to put the door, with a roost in the corner.

We still would like to fully enclose it with wire over the top (it's about 6 feet tall) so nothing can get in from overhead. We also want to put in a door for easier access for us. We are waiting for another neighbor to get back from vacation to help us with the door. It's nice to have done so far.
Front right side showing the fence slats on that side, and the water feeder. 
Hope we get more eggs soon, and that the 2 year-old hens will be nice to the 4-month-old hens (aka teenagers) invading their space.

Genesis 1:22
God blessed them and said, “Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the water in the seas, and let the birds increase on the earth.

Genesis 7:8
Pairs of clean and unclean animals, of birds and of all creatures that move along the ground.

Nehemiah 5:18
Each day one ox, six choice sheep and some poultry were prepared for me, and every ten days an abundant supply of wine of all kinds. In spite of all this, I never demanded the food allotted to the governor, because the demands were heavy on these people.

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