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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Preparing for Addy

This semester in American Girl class, we are preparing to study  Addy, one of my very favorite American Girls! I love her story and the way it is written by Connie Porter. I am excited for the crafts and snacks we will do too! I will post every Thursday about what happened in class that week, so you can enjoy it along with us! :- D

Addy Walker-a courageous slave girl who escapes to freedom and a new life during the American Civil War, set in 1864.

Week 1: Meet Addy – Book 1 Date: 1/27/15
Theme: Slavery and The Underground Railroad
Snack – Cornmeal Mush
Craft – shell necklace, kerchief, N. Carolina, Pennsylvania and Philadelphia Worksheets

Week 2: Addy Learns a Lesson – Book 2 Date: 2/3/15
Theme: Addy starts school in Philly / Difficulties starting a new life after slavery
Craft: Applique Pillow
Snack: Black Eyed Peas and Buttermilk Biscuits

Week 3: Addy’s Surprise – Book 3 Date: 2/10/15 
Theme: Christmas/ New Life in Philly/ Helping other escape slavery
Craft – Shadow Puppet and a Scarf for Mama
Snack – Sweet Potato Pudding

Week 4: Happy Birthday Addy – Book 4 Date: 2/17/15
Theme: Spring/ Addy’s Birthday/ Emancipation
Craft: Hobby Horse
Snack: Make Ice Cream in a Bag

Week 5: Addy Saves the Day – Book 5 Date: 2/24/15
Theme: The Civil War is Over; Activity: Read book Abe’s Honest Words
Craft: Spool puppets
Snack: Molasses Cookies and Iced Tea
Week 6: Changes for Addy – Book 6 Date: 3/3/15
Theme: Getting the family back together/ Read Emancipation Proclamation, have Emancipation party Craft: Rag Dolls filled with beans
Snack: mock apple pie, goobers/peanuts

**We will also make on-going project. If time allows, we will read other books related to slavery, the Underground Railroad, and the Civil War.

*This outline may change without notice...If I can’t find the craft supplies I need or the snack recipes. My main intention with the crafts (and snacks) are to heighten the girls’ interest in learning about different periods of history. Hopefully the above collection of crafts will do just that!

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