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Monday, September 27, 2010


Ingredients laid out, ready to mix (banana in blender!)

On Sunday nights, we love to have a casual, easy dinner: Smoothies and popcorn. Smoothies are the main reason I use my blender!

Here is my basic smoothie recipe:
-One banana, very ripe (you can even freeze them whole when they start to get gross, and then after it is frozen, just run it under hot water, peel it,  & add to smoothie)

-Yogurt, soy milk or regular milk, or any juice ( I do soy for Bethany, since she has sensitive skin.)

-Frozen fruit: peaches, strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, grapes, etc., I usually buy frozen blueberries for pancakes, and for smoothies; and a bag of frozen fruit at the store, and just add some (no real measuring!)
Smoothie mixed up & ready to drink!

I usually add the ingredients in the above order and turn the blender on medium speed for about a minute, and see how the mixture is, if it is not grinding up the strawberries or other fruit, I add more juice or liquid. If it seems kinda runny, I add more frozen fruit. I want it to be smooth, no chunky fruit, so I stir it up to make sure all the fruit is getting ground up.
Pouring into serving cups- can you see the consistency?

Recipe makes (approx.) two 12 ounce servings, or four 6 ounce servings. When I make this for my family, I make two batches. Sometimes I make them totally different, sometimes nearly the same except the soy milk/ yogurt.

Our kids really love them! We don't have them as much during the winter, since a very cold drink doesn't sound as good when it is cold outside. But they are nutritious- all that fruit and milk has lots of vitamins and minerals! I have some friends that make smoothies every morning, and their kids love it!

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  1. mmmmm ... smoothies ... we like to have string cheese on the side for a little extra protein.


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