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Thursday, April 14, 2011

American Girl class-Felicity week 6

This was our last class learning about Felicity before our co-op is out for the summer!  :(  We've had a very fun semester learning about Kaya and Felcity, from 1764 and 1774. In the fall, I hope to be teaching this class again, but about the American Girls Josefina and Kirsten. So I'll be busy planning that class this summer!

For snack we had Lemon Tartlets. I found the recipe here. Another mom brought some lemon cake too, and they liked it- several girls asked for seconds! 

 For our class today, we made sachets. They were easy, no-sew sachets. I gave each girl a piece of fabric cut out in a circle (I traced a dinner plate). I had the fabric at home in my extra fabric bin, so we just used that! I also gave each girl two pieces of ribbon that were 1 foot long. I got the ribbon in the Michael's $1 bins! So they each got a handful of potpourri (precise measurement :-D) and then gathered the fabric around it. They tied a ribbon (this took a little help from the moms and me) and then tied the 2nd ribbon by themselves. One of the girls got a cinnamon stick in the potpourri and sucked on it for a while...
Tying the sachets...
Showing me their finished sachets...
 We finished working on our cross-stitch bookmarks, and I let the girls take them home to hopefully finish them. This is an information sheet about cross-stitching that I found here, (I also like this one) that I forgot to print to give them!
Working diligently on their cross-stitching...

We also talked about slavery from the Felicity's World book and looked at pictures of Colonial Williamsburg that I found here and here. It was a fun day and I am sad that the class is over. But we will have one more FUN day soon, a tea at my home! (for a make-up class since I was sick!)

Also, in our book, Felicity was working on a needlepoint sampler. So I decided to make a sampler too, something I've never done before, and wanted to do! So I found two patterns and blended them togehter. Then I worked on it some each week and showed the girls my progress. I finished it this past week, so I got to bring the completed sampler to class! I hope to get it matted and framed soon! Here is the picture:

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  1. So fun ... it looks like the girls had a lot of fun and learned tons!


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