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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WFMW: Organizing "School" room

When we moved last summer, we finally got a house with a "school room"- aka dining room. :-D In our old house, we just "did school" at the kitchen table, and had supplies in the kitchen. I didn't like that because we had to clean up EVERYthing, every day! It is nice now to be able to leave some supplies out if we want. The bad part is that my toddler gets in to eerything that is left out, and writes on things that she is not supposed to! So we are still getting in the habit of putting things up where she can't get them and training her to write on paper!

So today in this Works For Me Wednesday, I wanted to write about organizing our school room. It took a little tweaking in the beginning of the school year before I got things the way I wanted them, and in a way that they worked well. Rebekah has her own desk, and she labeled it herself. (a girl after my own heart! I wonder where she gets it...)
 Then on our school table, we have a Pampered Chef kitchen organizer that we filled with pencils, scissors, my pens, glue sticks, glue, hand sanitizer and other little tools we use during our school time. This goes up and out of the way during the weekends!

 We have a bookshelf near the school table where I can easily access books, manipulatives, teacher manuals, games, and folders that we need during our homeschool morning. Next to the bookshelf is a black three holed crate that the kids' school books and workbooks are kept in, their schoolwork binders are also kept here.
 This shows our map, calendar, schedules and parts of speech poster on the wall, as well as the incentive chart for my son, and other items I can grab if needed.
This bookshelf is around the corner from our dining room and holds extra school books, and books we've finished reading this year. On the lower shelf is mostly teacher manuals that I don't use too often, and larger school books that we reference, such as maps, and larger history picture books.

This WFMW is linked to a blog hop here:
She has a great blog- take time to check it out! I found her because of Compassion, which I love and support. You can find the compassion info button on my blog on the right side.

How do you organize your "school" supplies? Do you have a craft area for your kids? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Thanks for the fun pictures. It's always fun to see how other people set up for homeschooling. My craft supplies are only out when we are actually doing a craft. That way there's less mess.

  2. I forgot to take a pic of my craft bin that I have too. My daughter also keeps craft supplies in her desk. We also have a small trash bag that we drag out for lapbooking/ paper messes.


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