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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

BDTH: Rebekah's # 12!

Since we were out of town for Rebekah's birthday during Spring Break, and were busy recovering from our colds/ sickness, we had Rebekah's birthday sleepover late-- just this past weekend! She invited her three friends, I call them the "Triple K" because their names all begin with K! (for their protection, I won't divulge their identities online!)

Rebekah had written me a sweet note earlier in the week asking me to make a treasure hunt for her birthday. She still seemed surprised when I had them start it though! Here is the treasure hunt that I made for her and her friends to do. I got the idea from Jamin, you can find my post about the treasure hunts here.
The group in the morning, waiting for breakfast... there's something to do!
These are the clues they were given and photos finding (most of) them!:

1.     Today is your birthday!  So what shall we do?  A TREASURE HUNT is what I have planned for you!  Here’s your 1st prize and your 1st clue.  Look under a couch to find clue number two!
Excited & ready to hunt!
Looking "near" the couch... :-D
2.     You found it, well done!  Now what’s the next word?  Look near the piano for the clue that’s your third!

 3.     Hooray, you are good!  You found number three!  Want to find more?  Look under “the big bed” to find number four!
4.     Now isn’t this fun? Do you need to revive?  If not look near the Dictionary for clue number five!
This one stumped them a little bit, they moved it a few times! ;-D
5.     You’re doing so well!  What’s your next pick?  Look under the stairs for clue number six!

 6.     You’re almost half done your in treasure hunt heaven!  Look in your sister's closet for clue number seven! (They found it too fast & I didn't get a picture!) 
7.     Here’s your next clue…to keep you going straight.  Look on Mom’s desk for clue number 8.
8.     Eight down- you are awesome!  You’re doing quite fine, look by the plants for clue number nine.
9.     You’re quite a pro! You make this look quite “zen”….Near Dad’s recliner is clue number ten!
"I think I saw this one before!"
10. You make this look easy, so let’s make this clue HARD…eleven is near where Mom keeps her keys to the car! (This one stumped them a little, but I couldn't hide it on the key board, they would've seen me hide it, so it was in my purse! ;-D)

 11. Very good!  Keep going, you are almost done, I hope that you are having fun!  The 12th clue is sitting where you can plainly see, it’s on a end table near a picture of ME!
Actually it was behind the picture frame & they didn't see it right away! heehee...

Ideas for 12 gifts: (we did not do all of these, but some!)

12 pennies
12 nickels
12 dimes
12 quarters
12 dollars!
12 pieces of gum/candy
A coupon for a coffee date with Dad
A coupon for one item from Dollar Store
card with 12 things we love about you inside
A coupon for 12 minutes of extra computer time
A coupon for staying up 12 minutes late 
A coupon for 12 minutes of chores help from Mom
extra small things- earrings, hair clips, etc.,

These treasure hunts really are fun, and just a little work. I love following them around and watching them hunt for the fabric and gift bags full of a little goodie! They always find it so exciting! 

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