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Thursday, October 23, 2014

American Girl class: Kirsten: Week 2 (Time #2)

We had another fun Kirsten class! We discussed book two in the series, Kirsten Learns a Lesson. Our craft this week was a midsummers wreath. I bought small grapevine wreaths at Hobby Lobby, one for each girl. I gave each girl three small flower picks (Pulled off of a larger fake stem), and one foot of each of three colors of ribbon. Some of the girls wrapped the ribbon around the wreath, some tied bows on it, and others didn't use ribbon at all! It was fun to see the variety of tastes and choices!

 Working on the wreaths...

 Our snack was crackers with Lingonberry jam (Our moms found sauce at Natural Grocers)

We also began our ongoing craft of braided rugs. I bought three yards of three matching fabrics, and cut them into 1" strips. The girls each got the three colors and began to braid...

 Braiding and braiding...
 The 2:00 class works on their wreaths...

 This silly girl made it like a crown on her head and got it stuck in her hair! : - D
 Friends chatting and braiding...
 More braiding!
We will keep braiding next week on our rugs again! 
Find out more detailed directions about the Kirsten class week 2 on my blog here.

Exodus 39:15
For the breastpiece they made braided chains of pure gold, like a rope.

1 Kings 7:36
He engraved cherubim, lions and palm trees on the surfaces of the supports and on the panels, in every available space, with wreaths all around.

Isaiah 28:5
In that day the Lord Almighty will be a glorious crown, a beautiful wreath for the remnant of his people.

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