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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Necklaces I've made...

My sister-n-law has also given me some necklaces that I love. They are fun to wear since I can match my outfit if I want. I've gotten some neat beads and pendants at Michael's and Hobby Lobby, but also some small-twon bead stores. The first necklace I made was for St. Patrick's Day, and was patterned after one I saw in the newspaper, that a reporter had made. I followed her directions and love that necklace- it is a chunky one with a gold cross pendant (see below).  Of all the jewelry that I've made, necklaces are the most time-consuming. But I love making them, and wearing them! 

 This blue one is a favorite one of mine... I wear it often!
Mother-of-pearl cross

Purple necklace
Clear/ silver with cross
Pink/lt purple/silver with pink heart pendant
Green & gold with yellow/gold cross

My first necklace!
Red necklace with heart/cross
Three tier green/mint green choker
Two tier chunky cool green
Mothers' necklace, with kids' names and birthstone colors
Close-up of kids' names in silver beads
Two-tier pink
My most recent necklace...
A warm green-yellow one with leaves & pretty flower pendant!

You can look and see the bracelets I've made here and the earrings I've made here- fun stuff! :-D

Do you like or make beaded jewelry? I'd love to see it and get some new ideas!

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