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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Patriotic Fun ideas for kids

Since we are homeschoolers, we love to be learning something year-round. One thing we do more of in the summer is crafts. We've done lapbooks, and all sorts of cutting and painting crafts. Here are some of my favorite patriotic crafts that we have done in past years. Enjoy!

Here is a FREE lapbook you can do for the 4th of July (or around there :-D):
It could be great for flag day too (which is past, June 14) since it is a lot about the history of the flag.

Here are some fun craft ideas:

Paint popsicle sticks in red and white, the same amount (5 or 6 of each.)
Paint a few wooden stars (found at craft store) with white acrylic paint.
Paint half of each 5 popsicle sticks blue (one side blue, one side red or white). OR you can paint the smaller popsicle sticks that are half-size and glue them on top of the red & white stripes. When all paint is dry, glue popsicle sticks in alternating colors (red, white, red...) then glue white stars onto blue square corner. Hot glue a piece of red, white or blue ribbon on back.

Another idea is to make a patriotic wreath out of stars. Using star shaped tracers or stencils, trace different sized stars on red, white and blue foam. Cut a piece of cardboard into a circle for the wreath backing. Hot glue stars onto cardboard, being sure to completely cover it and overlap the stars. Add buttons in red, white and blue into middle of stars. Add a tied patriotic ribbon on one side. Glue a small ribbon on back of cardboard to hang wreath from- viola! A simple patriotic wreath!

We also made a trivia game from questions on the internet, and it helps us remember parts of U.S. history from year to year. My hubby is bad at it because he had a terrible history teacher in school. I loved U.S. history!

Family Fun has lots of neat t-shirt ideas too.They have printables and recipes too. You can find them here. I saw this wreath today and you can find directions for it here. Maybe next year...

Do you have any patriotic fun or decorating ideas to share?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!- Fathers Day part 2

Well, almost wordless! Here are a few pics from our Father's Day at home and visiting my parents' home. Here is my hubby in his self-portrait with a new polo shirt.

Another one of his polo shirts that my son chose for Dad.

Grandpa played a game with Mallory.

Grandpa held Bethany while camping with extended family.

We loved getting to be together with my Dad (aka Grandpa) for Father's Day. We loved our 5 day visit! The week went by too fast...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Getting into an adult!

I hope you're intrigued by the title of this post enough to read on...

Getting into trouble is something for kids, right? Well, I didn't get the police called on me, or anything... Here is my story...

A few weeks ago, I dropped my older daughter off at a Bible Study on a Saturday morning. I had my youngest daughter age 2+ with me. On the way to the youth leader's home, I saw signs for a yard sale. After the drop-off, I decided to stop and check out the yard sale. You never know what you'll find at a yard sale! This one was at a local church, and they usually have lots of great treasures. I went in with my little girl, and looked...and looked... It was more junk than treasures. Did I need any odd books? No, not really... maybe this book (picking it up)...hmm...(putting it back down)...

After looking for several minutes and nearly giving up, I saw a woman holding up a nice pair of shorts, asking her friend if they'd fit her. "What size?" the other woman asked. Her friend told her, and she said "No, not for me..." I heard her say the size, and it piqued my interest. I went over to check. They looked nice, and there was another pair, and they were L.L.Bean- a high-quality brand! I snatched them up!

Ok, two pair of shorts, guess I'll grab that book, I thought. Nothing for the kids... they don't need anything else, really... I saw a pretty bracelet by the check out, so I took that too. After paying the kind gals at the payment area, I went outside with my daughter.

I loaded my little girl into the van, and hopped in myself. As I started it up, a woman knocked on my window. I rolled it down, and she starts ranting! "You did a TERRIBLE job parking your vehicle!! I'm parked right next to you, and I can't even get in my car! You need to learn how to park! You have all this room over here (behind her, she motions) and hardly any room on my side over there (pointing to her car)!" She took a breath and I feel myself getting flushed. "I'm sorry..." I stammered. "Well, I'll let you back out so I can get into my car, 'cause I can't do it with you parked here like this..." "Ok, I'm...sorry..." and I felt bad.

Of course, they person next to me could have moved their car while I was inside. I had a hard time finding a parking space when I came in, and someone had just backed out when I arrived. I didn't say that, she was angry. I just backed out and went on my way, not quite so merry as I was before... but I guess I learned my lesson.

I was paranoid about parking the rest of the day (or week!) I may not be the best parker, but I think I do just fine... I really hope I don't run into that woman again... Schwoo! (running hand across sweaty forehead)

Beware ladies when you park, someone may come to chew you out too!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

July 4th lapbook

Here is another lapbook that we did several years ago (in 2007). This was actually one of the very first lapbooks that we ever did, and it got us HOOKED on lapbooking! My crafty older daugther and I have made many lapbooks since then, and this was one of my favorites! It is a great blend of history and art thrown in too, at least cutting skills. A LOT of cutting, and writing too!

We got it as a freebie from Live and Learn Press, and if you become a member, you may get it free too. You can find them here. The Fourth of July unit is updated and now called "Let Freedom Ring" and should be in the Social Studies section. You can find my post all about lapbooking here.
Front cover
Left side
-Vocabulary, Our American Flag booklet, Synonyms for freedom,
-Another name for Fireworks, rectangle fireworks info booklet, flag clipart, triangle fold
-"Discuss serious uses for Fireworks" booklet (i.e. flares, during battles, etc.,)

Left side with flap open
-Betsy Ross info flap booklet
- Two 1776 myths matchbooks.
Inside these we wrote: "The Declaration of Independence was not written on hemp paper, but on parchment."
And: "The Liberty Bell was not rung to celebrate independence. It was used earlier to call people to public gatherings."
Middle section of lapbook
How to display the flag (i.e. on a casket, over a sidewalk, on a staff, etc.,)
Folding the flag pocket and mini-book.
Two question "blue" booklet- What was the Lee Resolution; Who were the Committee of Five?
Three documents that influenced the Declaration of Independence
We the People min-book- questions about Declaration of Independence.

Back flap:
Did you know? booklet: 4 Q's about misc. trivia (ex: On July 4, 1826, John Adams AND Thomas Jefferson both died.)
-When was the Liberty Bell named?
-Timeline: The creation and Signing of the Declaration of Independence

Right sideof lapbook, flap open
-"We holds these truths" booklet- we wrote inside what this means to us.
-Declaration signing picture: with Declaration copy on inside.
-Intolerable Acts booklet-4 acts and what they were about
-1776 Myths matchbook, we wrote: "The Lee Resolution had already declared independence
on July 2. The Dec. of Ind. was approved and adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776."
-Fireworks mini-book: What two things did the Declaration do?
Right flap:
-Thomas Jefferson mini-book: 4 Q's about Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration.
-Unalienable rights booklet: Two Q's about unalienable rights (What are they; Who did they nor refer to?)
-Charters of Freedom booklet: What three documents make it up?

From left: -The Fourth of July is also known as... booklet
-Map of 13 colonies booklet, with a labeled map inside (labeled by us)
-Proper behavior during the National Anthem
-National Anthem booklet: lyrics written inside
-1776 Myths, we wrote: "The July 4 Declaration differed from the Lee Resolution in that it asserted unanimity,
the abstaining colony of New York did not pass it's own vote for independence until July 9."
-Sir Francis Scott Key booklet (why song was written)

Right flap: -Famous Speeches that quote the Declaration of Independence
Triangle booklet: What was the Continental Congress
-July 4th clipart

back cover with copy of The Declaration of Independence, signed by my daughter!
This lapbook was a little challenging for my 3rd grader. If I'd known there was so much writing (which I did most of), I would have waited a year or two. We do look at it every year close to the 4th of July! It has a huge wealth of information! Have you made any lapbooks? I'd love to see them!

You can find another 4th of July lapbook from Lapbook Lessons here.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thrifty Thursday- Goodwill finds

I went with my son to Goodwill this week to look for some Father's Day gifts for Dad. We didn't find much because my 8 year old is very focused on himself. (Call it the ego-centric eights, or whatever you want!) I can hardly get out of Goodwill without buying anything, so...
Here are SOME of the books that we bought...
Got a new black shirt for myself since my stomach is not fitting
 into my other shirts... aging I guess!
(or lack of exercise)
And I found some white (almost) flats that I've been looking for
for over a year!
Two "bigger kids" books, a Jump5 CD and A VeggieTales DVD!

Found a cute, patriotic candle holder and candle that was unburned!

And how much did we pay for it all? Just under $21.00! WOW! I love getting good deals!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!- Fathers Day

Since we are out of town this week, I am going to post some Father's Day pictures this week and some maybe next week. We gave Daddy his gift the night before Father's Day so that he could enjoy and wear it ON Father's Day. Here are a few pics of that...
OOH, novelty ties!
One is brown with fish on it and the other says, "#1 Dad"
and more. Cool!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Miche bag cover

This past Christmas, my wonderful hubby gave me this new Miche bag! Then on my birthday, he bought me a gorgeous black and brown cover for it. I only have the one cover, and I was beginning to get a little tired of it. A friend from church had told me that she sewn her own cover for hers, and explained how she did it. Since I don't have much time during the school year to sew, I knew I had to make it now!

I sat down with my purse, measured it and added some extra for the folding over, and seam allowances. I cut my fabric, and began sewing. Thankfully it was too big, and I trimmed some off. I love how it turned out, and am enjoying my new homemade cover, at least for now!

Here are the rough measurements I used:
27" across from top to top
12 1/2" long
including seam allowances
My birthday gifts in April, including my Miche bag cover.

I had gotten this fabric at our local Jo-Ann's store when it was going out of business. I've been looking for some use for it. My hubby thought I should use it for a cafe curtain in our kitchen, since it kinda matched the colors. Then we painted our wall like the background here, and it matched pretty well!

We had also gotten a new carpet in our kitchen a few months ago, and it is this matching color of red. I also have lots of blue in our kitchen, with some decorations on our backsplash tiles. I'd been waiting to find some fabric with strawberries on it, since I have some red & green painted ceramics in our kitchen, that I decorated with strawberries. I haven't been able to find any in our local stores, so... (scroll down)
The hand-sewn cover from one side...
Other side...
Showing the end...

Close-up of the edge off of the bag...
Showing the whole side of the bag with cover partially off...
I made a curtain from the same fabric, that is 42" wide! It will take some getting used to, since we've lived here a YEAR already! How time flies when you're having fun! (and busy!)

Monday, June 20, 2011

July 4th banner

My husband is from a small town, and since it is high in the mountains, "everyone" doesn't come home at Christmastime, but during the summer when it is easy to travel! So the 4th of July is one of our favorites holidays to go back to his hometown and see a lot of friends! I like decorating my home in the summer in patriotic decor,  I've made a wreath and we have lots of flags around in vases too.

I've been looking online for some July 4th banners to make, and I found one made of felt that I really liked (I can't find it online now, sorry!). I thought about going to the craft store and buying felt to make it, but then I decided I would make one with what I had on hand. If I do go to the craft store soon, I may buy some different ribbon to attach to the banner. I had chip board pieces that I cut into squares for this banner, and I used my Craft stamp pads to color them red, white and blue. The stars & letters for USA I colored with the stamp pads too, and I made them red, blue and silver. I had star-shaped eyelets that I used to put the silver cord through at the top. 

Some of the background squares did not get totally colored using the stamp pads, they look distressed, which I didn't intend to do, but I really liked! I didn't have any capital letters in my chip board on hand, so I used lower case, which is ok. I had some red, white & blue striped ribbon on hand, so I used pieces of that in between the chip board squares. I really like how it turned out!

This took me a few days to finish, because the inks took a while to dry. The silver was hard to glue onto, especially the S. I used mini-glue dots to attach all the chipboard pieces together. If you don't have chip board, you can use thin card board, like what you get in a package of construction paper.

Need more patriotic decoration ideas? Check out this blog hop here.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Frugal Friday- Shopping

So last Thursday afternoon I went to a local Second-hand store that I'd never shopped at before, and I had a great time... which may have been the fact I was shopping ALONE...that doesn't happen often!

I found some great shirts, two for fall/spring (and maybe winter) and two for spring/summer (and maybe fall). Two of the shirts that I got were from the $1 rack! I was excited when I tried them on and they fit well! I am looking forward to wearing them all! I spent $10 (plus change) on FOUR shirts! WOW! I was excited!

Here is what I bought:
My $1 Ralph Lauren shirt!!

Another cute $1 shirt!
This linen shirt matches capris that I already have!

Cute. light summery shirt!
Which shirt do you like best? I am looking forward to wearing the last one soon, when it's very hot here!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer "Bucket List"

Summer began for us a few weeks ago, but the First day of summer is coming soon, so I thought I'd share some activities that I'd like to do this summer!

I saw this on another blog and I really liked the idea of putting down what I hope to do this summer... for myself and for the kids. This blog talks about how to make a bucket list for your family. (and freebies for you too!)

Repaint walls in front hall (in process...)
VBS (this week!)

Wash all curtains & valances-DONE
Repair rings on blue & white curtains-DONE
Sew bag for cross-stitch supplies- DONE
Sew cover for Miche bag-DONE
Sew valance for kitchen window- DONE
Purge toybox
Swim lessons for kids
Prep for Josefina/Kirsten classes, Read
Wash M/B food/toys
Go thru MOPS books @ RCC
Regal Cinema movies
Go to the park! (at least 2 X)

Visit family in Durango=ROAD TRIP!
Go to Glade Park Movies
Hikes/ geocaching with family
Clean fridge
Make homemade popsicles
Go to the local drive-in
Have picnic lunches & dinners outside!
Go camping?

So that's my main list of fun and crafts, and work to do!
I may have to update at the end of the summer to see how much I accomplished!
I may have to make more of these lists for fall and winter too!

You can find the above printable/ frameable bucket list here. I love it!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!

Rebekah caught my 2 1/2 year old wearing my slippers, and since they were a little big, Bethany added a few things to fill them up... :-D

So cute!

A water bottle that we got from the zoo...

And her little duck she named 'Ed'.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Father's Day gift ideas

If you're like me, it is hard to think of gifts for the men in your life. So I thought I'd share a few frugal gift ideas for Father's Day, in case you may be in need of a few. Most of the ideas I'll share are simple enough to buy and make at home. In 2004, we made t-shirts for my husband, his Dad and my Dad. The ones for the Grandpas said "Best Grandpa, Hands Down" and the date. The one for my hubby said "Best Dad, Hands Down" and the date. I made them to look like some shirts that they sold (and were sold out of) at Michael's back then. Last year we added two sets of handprints to them, since we've had two more girls since then! My hubby still wears his a lot, and the kids love seeing their handprints on them! (I have one too, that says "Best Mom"!)

Hubby's dad and hubby on Father's Day 2004 

My dad and my kids, early July 2004 (while camping!)

Another idea that you could easily make is this mini-message center.
We made these at MOPS, and it is just a plastic photo frame with a clear glossy square tile. We cut a piece of cardstock and decorated it with punched paper pieces and stickers. We made it so you could change it for different seasons, but you could put a "We love You" message in the frame part, or a wallet-size photo.  Then you could give a dry erase marker for them to write messages on it, such as "Call Jill" or "Pay Utility Bill". It would be great for them to use on their desk at work or home! (I may make these this year, Ssshhh!)  

Another idea that I liked (I don't know where I saw it) for the gentleman in your life that carries a handkerchief, is to write a "We love you" message on the corner of a white handkerchief. They can carry the decorated handkerchief around in their pocket, whenever they need to loan it to a lady, or use it themselves, they may be reminded of your love for them!

I found these coupons that the kids could print out at this website or this one. You can make a candy card with fill in the blanks for your sweet-loving Dad here. You can make a cool scratch-off card for Dad, the directions are here. Also you can print and make a lapbook with printables like this one from Jamin's website and a file folder. There are more great printables for Dad found here, including a card you can make, printable bookmarks and a poem! I like their "In Honor of my Father" coupons! This website has some great printables to buy, cut, glue and give to Dads! TipJunkie also has LOTS of great Fathers Day gift ideas, cards, printables, and gift wrap ideas. I really like the writeable Father's Day tie idea! (My sister could do that with her baby, but her hubby doesn't often wear ties!)

One year I made a CD of songs that reminded me of my Dad and when we used to work together. I made a copy for myself too, and he loved it! Other gifts that we've given/made have been a prayer/ journal notebook, which I had the kids color a picture and write a simple message such as, "We love you, Grandpa!" My dad used his for a long time, and I've seen it often when we visit their home. We've also bought them large bath sheets (one for Mom too!), a photo album, and Starbucks refillable gift cards. We also decorated a mug with paints at our local paint-your-own pottery store. The kids each painted a little something on it, and my hubby uses it all the time!

What frugal Fathers Day ideas do you have? What will you be giving to the men in your life?
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